Greencut Landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

The optimal height for lawn cutting is 3-3.5 inches. Taller grass is more resistant the effects of heat and drought. Most importantly, taller grass provides shade at ground level, thus hindering the development of weeds. As a result, less chemicals are required to control weed growth.

The general rule is to never cut more than 1/3 of the total height. This is another reason why optimal height is important. After the rapid spring growth, cutting to 3 inches sets the president for the duration of the season. When the spring growth has slowed and the first mow is complete, weekly mowing will be suitable.

You should only water your lawn in periods of drought. If your lawn needs watering you will notice the blades fold in half in an attempt to save water. At this point footprints will remain visible after stepping on the lawn. If your lawn is showing these signs, water deeply one or two times a week to a maximum of one inch. Approximately 15-30 minutes of watering time. A rain gauge can help ensure the proper amount is given. The best time to water is in the early morning between 6:00-10:00 am, as wet grass in the hot afternoon sun can burn. Early morning water allows excess water to evaporate and prevents mildew and fungus growth.

Chemical fertilizers are a “quick fix” solution. They provide the nutrients grass needs, but at the expense of our water, soil and the living environment within the soil. Organic fertilizers are made from natural ingredients and break down slowly to produce a long lasting feeding for your lawn. Organic fertilizers are an all around better choice.